Listen to what Tatiana and Alex have to say and make up your own mind...

Tatiana has been out there since March 2016 and loved her time with her Chinese friends and colleagues. And, Alex arrived September 2015 and hasn’t looked back…. he’s still out there!


It’s true to say that this programme is unique. It’s different from many of the academic English teaching posts you may come across. There is arguably more opportunity to be creative and enjoy interacting with Chinese children and young people in a relaxed, more informal environment.


We don't think this kind of teaching is a breeze by any stretch - but it's certainly fun. Perhaps a good example is the two expressions we just used..."a breeze" and "by any stretch". Would the Chinese understand these? And, more to the point, how would you teach them!?

Why the focus on oral language skills?

So there's a focus on speaking skills more than writing?