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Teaching posts for graduates with fantastic pay, benefits and lifestyle
Excellent pay and benefits packages

We link graduates with the best opportunities, and support with guidance and mentoring to help cut through the minefield of choices and information - and we don't charge a penny for our services. We work with two tried and trusted partners in China - partnerships forged from many years working together on school exchange programmes, teacher-training and recruitment in the UK and in China. Our partners are SBETC - Shanghai Brisbane Education Training Centre and Verbal Education China - Beijing, and we're all ready to help you.

  • Teaching posts - 10 months or more

    Well paid posts, open to any graduate from native English speaking countries

  • Combine pe, sport, the arts and volunteering

    Enjoy a chance to follow your passion through immersion in PE, Sport or Arts volunteering, teaching and coaching combinations

Why China?

China is one of the most fascinating countries on earth, and living there comes with a strong sense of aspiration, challenge and cultural immersion. As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the influence of China is undeniable. The wages are great, and the lifestyle can be even better!
Enhance your CV and job prospects

Everyone knows how competitive the job market is these days. And we all know how important that CV is. This programme will not only help you fire up your CV, you’ll also develop strong leadership skills, global awareness and confidence – strong traits many employers are looking for these days.

Teach ‘useful’ spoken english

Access well-paid teaching, coaching and tutoring jobs helping Chinese children to speak English. Boost your career opportunities, develop UK-Chinese relations – and enjoy the rewards. Wages are high due to demand in China, and living accommodation and food is paid for. Read on to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Travel the ‘real’ china

Many people do the tourist trails in China these days, and these will of course be open to you. But, what makes this a more magical experience is the opportunity to get under the skin of the country – spend day to day among the population and travel to places most people have never heard of, let alone visited.

options to combine with the arts

Dancers, singers, musicians and artists – you have the opportunity to support lessons and clubs, and even start your own. Combine your skills with verbal English in order to enrich the school and to boost the students’ level of spoken English – and of course, improve your own communication and leadership skills too.

Develop leadership skills and resilience

Uncover skills you never knew you had, whilst improving the life chances of children from the most populous country in the world. What you don’t have in the way of leadership skills now, please be assured you will have by the time you complete your post!

Help develop PE, Sport or the arts

We are supporting a Chinese government drive to send UK Graduates deep into China to support children to develop English, PE & Sport and the Performing Arts. Improve your understanding of Chinese language and culture – whilst doing something very worthwhile.

Develop contacts in China for life

Set yourself up for a post-Brexit world when relationships and the ability to work with China will almost certainly need to be strong. The relationships you build in China will be some of the most enduring, useful and nurturing you could wish for – so, make the most of it while you can!


Graduates talk about their experiences, each with a unique background and set of experiences.

bring learning alive

We help cut through the time-consuming research and confusion that can be demotivating, and a barrier to connecting you or your organisation with the best possible opportunities
Understanding the truth
Understanding the truth
You get dozens of offers, but you just can’t quite seem to get to the bottom of what’s real, and what’s just luring you into something you might regret?
Questions questions, questions!
Questions questions, questions!
You have so many questions: what’s the accommodation like? Is it a fair salary? Will I get stung for extra costs? What does it mean by Work Permit? Can my other half get a job in China?
The ‘Dream Deal’?
The ‘Dream Deal’?
You think you’ve negotiated the ‘dream deal’ by telling each recruiter about the other offers you’ve received. So, you’re offered all sorts of perks, extras and high salaries. But what are the tell-tale signs that mean you’re in for a fabulous experience, or down for a rough ride?
What’s real and what’s not?
What’s real and what’s not?
You add yourself to a mailing list that triggers a plethora of offers to teach in China. But, how many recruiters have no real relationshio with the schools they’re recruiting to?

Less than a minute to make a start